Time Between

Recently, I had a chance to observe solar eclipse. For a moment, the day grew dark and the shadows got longer. In that liminal space I was able to catch "the time in between time" when the day touches the night.

Star, Lake Tahoe

On my first night in South Lake Tahoe, I only needed to walk a few steps into the dark forest to find my inspiration -- a bright, golden-green star, mysteriously flickering in the atmosphere. The "Star" painting was born shortly after, as a depiction of cosmic loneliness punctured by pulsating star code I am to decipher.

Muir Woods

I love trees. There is something comforting in their earthy scent, in their calm and nurturing presence. A special place to connect to the trees is Muir Woods. On the recent trip there, I took a day long hike to the Stinson Beach. Along the way, tall ancient trees appeared to me as connecting lines from earth to the sky. Through the painting "Muir Woods" I became an integral part of this deep connection.


No matter where I travel, ocean remains a constant: breathing, moving, mysterious force. It speaks to my soul through sound, color and salty taste. We share a strong connection. During my trip to Maui, I've spent hours walking along the beach, listening to the waves. Out of the deep, came these two paintings "Wave" and "Wave II" as an attempt to condense the essence of ocean and time.